St. John's Moeller Pipe Organ Restoration Project

In 1983, St. John's dedicated a Moeller Pipe Organ in the Sanctuary. This organ has been the centerpiece of St. John's worship services for over 30 years and has been integral in the church for our music program. 

In the past few years, the organ has begun to show its age and has required multiple fixes to repair components that are out of date and not easily replaceable. 

Based on this, the Worship and Music Committee took on the challenge of seeking out a way to repair and update the organ to today's standards and to enhance the sound of the instrument. Over the past two years the committee has researched, planned and spent countless hours reviewing details about the process to repair it. 

In November of 2018 the congregation voted to complete a full restoration of the instrument with the following:

1. A replacement of the keyboard and console with a solid state digitally controlled processor. 

2. An upgrade of the pipes above the chancel to voice them for the space in the Sanctuary.


3. An enhancement of digital sounds to extend the sounds available for play by adding digital "ranks" of pipe sounds. 

4. Various cosmetic and functional upgrades in the keyboard, foot pedals and stops. 

The total cost of this project will be approximately $120,000 which is a large undertaking for this congregation. We are seeking donations for this project as well as pledging for funds over the next few years. 

With your help, we can achieve our goal of restoring and updating a vital piece of our church's history, culture and music. Please prayerfully consider donating to this project. 

Project Funds collected

Pledge Committee

Committee Co-Chairs:

Pastor Mike Robinson

John Frantz


Jason Snead

Steve Schilpp

Kathy Kosowan

JoAnne Harbaugh

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