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St. John's 150th Anniversary Celebration

In 2017, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Perrysville celebrated our 150th year of ministry in the Pittsburgh area. We began our year-long celebration on September 11th, 2016 with Rally Day. Our celebration included monthly additions to our normal worship services, programs and events. Guest speakers, musical performances and even services done in German have highlighted the year. 

150th Anniversary video - "To know the Love of God, to show the Love of Christ"

On Sunday, October 29th, we debuted the 150th Anniversary celebration video at our Reformation Luncheon. This video was created by Ben Engelhard and showcases the history and people of our church. Below is a link to the video for watching. You can download it for free and pass the link along to others.​​​​

150th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon - June 4th, 2017

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Perrysville 1867-2017

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