Church Council 2020 ​

President - Matt Pritchard
Vice President - Dan Lebak
Secretary - Heidi Scarsella
Treasurer - Jen Harris
Council Members: 
Mark Anderson
Rich Dering
Tina Dunbar
Susan Falk
Katherine Graham
John Halley
Jeanne Hendricks
Laurie Mazure
Shirley Mueller
Michelle Snead


Call Committee Members

The Call Committee has been formed to begin the process of calling a new pastor starting in January 2022. 

Ben Engelhard - Chair

Chick Agnew

Katherine Graham

Helen Hores

Barb Lanke

Charlie Wingerd

Council Meeting Minutes

Council minutes from 2022 will be posted below for viewing. Meeting minutes from previous years are archived and are available on request from the Church Office.

Christian Education - Shirley Mueller

The Christian Education Committee serves the congregation through curriculum planning  and scheduling for Sunday School, First Communion and Confirmation rites. 

Evangelism - Open

The Evangelism Committee supports the outreach of our ministry through various outlets including social media, charity and direct interactions with individuals.

Finance - Mark Anderson

The Finance Committee oversees the annual financial decisions and procedures as well as long term investing and budgetary items. 

Property - Dan Lebak

The Property Committee helps to maintain the church's physical state as well as invest in church capital projects. 

Social Ministry - Tina Dunbar

The Social Ministry Committee works within the church to support cooperative outreach of our ministry with other church organizations and charities. 

Stewardship - Susan Falk

The Stewardship Committee oversees the financial needs of the church and works to garner financial support for our ministry, property and other programs. 

Worship and Music - John Halley

The Worship and Music Committee oversees weekly worship and music for services. They plan, schedule and maintain various aspects of the worship services through the year. 

Youth Ministries - Heidi Scarsella

The Youth Ministry Committee plans Youth activities including fellowship trips, Bible School, and educational items.