Christian Education

Sunday School and Christian Education 2020

Kids in Church

This year due to Covid-19 and our need to make sure our families feel comfortable and safe, we have decided to conduct Sunday School and Christian Education online remotely through November. This decision was based on the feedback from a survey given to families in our congregation. 

Our teachers will miss seeing our families and children for now but we hope to be back together for the Advent season!

St. John's Christian Ed Bitmoji Classroom

Click on the picture to the right for St. John's Christian Ed Bitmoji Classroom. Here you will find links for all ages levels. Please stay connected with our program through this fun and easy portal. 


Remote Christian Education plan

  • High School students, Grades 10-12

    • Bitmoji Classroom where students can find 10-minute devotionals.

    • Zoom meetings will be used monthly for check-ins with their devotionals

  • Confirmation students, Grades 7-9

    • Focus on the New Testament​

    • Student workbook

    • Zoom meeting the first Sunday of the month

  • Sunday School students, Grades Pre-K-6

    • Families will be provided with​ lesson pages and a Story Bible to interact together for weekly lessons. 

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Other Calendar changes

Confirmation students  - Spring 2020

  • Students who should have been confirmed in the Spring of 2020 will be recognized at the in-person service on October 25th. If the family is not comfortable attending, Pastor will confirm in private with the family. 

First Communion - 4th Grade

  • 4th grade students will be moved to the Spring of 2021 to allow students to prepare in person if that becomes available.

Church Bibles - 3rd Grade​

  • Bibles will be presented to our 3rd grade students on October 25th, Reformation Sunday. If families are not comfortable attending, Pastor will present them separately. 


Sunday School

Here you will meet the teachers and find information on our programs and events. Please contact Kerry Anderson, Youth Director or Heather Earle, Committee Chair, with any questions or to volunteer.

Sunday School Teachers and Staff

Kerry Anderson - Youth Director

Sunday School opening


Heather Earle/Madelyn Harris

Kindergarten and 1st grade

Heather Earle/Madelyn Harris

2nd and 3rd grade

Michele Snead & Melinda Dishong

4th grade/First Communion

Shirley Mueller/Wendy Myers

5th and 6th grade

Shirley Mueller/Wendy Myers 


Confirmation class

Jess Freeman

Attendance sheets and offering

Jeanne Hendricks

Christmas pageant

Fran Halley & Kerry Anderson

Adult class

John Halley

Sunday School Outreach:

We are pleased to report that the first Sunday collections and the loose change collections were again donated to Glade Run. Glade Run is a youth group home in Zelienople with whom we have “partnered” for many years.

Yearly events

The following are some of the yearly events organized by our committee:

May - Youth service,

Confirmation & Reception

June - Teacher Appreciation Brunch

September - Rally day, Confirmation retreat

October - First Communion, Bible Presentations and Acolyte training

Sept-May - Sunday School and Confirmation classes

December - Christmas pageant

Godly Play!

Godly Play® is really a young people’s church service. It parallels what we do in “regular church". We have scripture, we understand what part of the church year we are in, and we have a “feast” or communal celebration.  It is amazing experiential learning!

You ALL are invited to check out Godly Play® as helpers, observers or participants.  You are also invited to find youngsters who will learn all about church in a fun and joyful way and bring them to us on Sunday mornings. 

Anyone wishing to provide funds for our Sunday School Godly Play® initiative, please make checks payable to St. John’s, with “CE curriculum” in the memo line and place in the offering plate. 

With Godly Play®, we tell Bible stories to children and encourage them to enter into the stories. This helps them wonder about them and relate them to their personal experiences. (Feel free to check out their website)!