"Life with the Risen Lord"

Things will be different this Easter from last Easter and from Easters of the past.
This Easter will be different than last Easter because we are having “in-person”
worship services at St. John’s whereas last Easter there was only the recording
crew and worship leaders in the sanctuary. Our worship times will be 6:30pm on
Saturday and 8am & 10:15am Sunday morning. I for one am looking forward to
seeing people in worship as we celebrate together the proclamation “Christ is

This Easter will be different than the ones prior to the shut down because we will
also be broadcasting the Sunday service on our YouTube and Facebook
channels. This is for those who do not yet feel comfortable being inside with
others. In addition to this, we will also broadcast the service on zoom so that
those who would like to gather in the parking lot and listen via Bluetooth through
their car radio. There are other congregations locally that have provided this
service so that people may see each other without coming into the building.
These options are being provided in order to allow the most participation in the
celebration of new life that we have in the resurrection of Christ our Lord.

While most will celebrate Easter for one day, it is actually a season that last for
fifty days (that’s right it is longer than the season of Lent). This year the season
of Easter last from April 4th to May 23rd (Pentecost). During this long season we
will focus our attention on the second lesson of our readings. These readings,
beginning April 11th, are from the First letter of John. Don’t confuse them with the
Gospel of John which is the fourth book of the New Testament. This letter is
toward the back of the New Testament after 2 Peter. The letter is short (about 6
to 8 pages) but its message is powerful because it addresses not only the acts of
Jesus but also the way that we are to live as his followers in the world.

In Christ,

Pastor Mike

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Perrysville 2021

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