Extra Time

In the year 2020 February comes with the generous gift of an extra day! We call
this event “Leap Year” and although the occurrence of “Leap Year” has been
explained to me before, I can’t remember the reasoning behind this event. I just
know that this year will have 366 days instead of 365. So for all of you who
complain “I wish I had more time!,” you’ve got your wish! The question now is
what are you doing with all that extra time?

Each day, they say, is a gift from God. We should always remember that all we
have, really comes from God, not just time. Money, property, opportunities,
vacations, relationships are all gifts from God. As disciples we are called to be
generous with what God has given us. We are to honor God and work for
healing to the world. “To whom much has been given much is expected” said
Jesus. As disciples we have been given much, being generous allows us to
focus on the gifts our heavenly Father has given to us.

During the Sundays in Lent we will focus on the ways that God has been
generous to us and how we can give thanks to him by being generous towards
others. The messages will focus on commitment as an act of freedom and
renewal - great themes for the season of Lent.

Linda E. Staats, Coordinator of the ELCA; Generosity Project describes the
freedom of generously this way: “When children, youth and adults are
bombarded 24/7 with messages urging them to spend, your congregation can
become a faithful voice teaching them to share. Engaging all generations and
equipping households to respond daily to God’s extravagant generosity is a year
-round opportunity. Equipping individuals of every age and stage of life to live
as grateful stewards and committed followers of Jesus offers many creative

Yes February does come with an extra day, but in reality all that we have is
extra. I hope you will consider, as disciples, the ways in which you can grow in

In Christ,

Pastor Mike

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Perrysville 2020

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