Pastor Robert F Zimmerman - Interim Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we end October and move into November, we also transition into a busy
time in the church calendar. Moving from our remembrance of the
Reformation; we swiftly find ourselves on All Saints Sunday, where we
remember not only that great cloud of witness that came before us, that in
Christ we also are saints. And soon after shall be celebrating Christ the
King, where we celebrate the victory of Christ, who not in power but in
seemingly humiliating defeat on the cross defeats sin and death. The
church year then rapidly winds down we celebrate a day of Thanksgiving
as we prepare for Advent.

The Reformation celebrates Martin Luther’s understanding that we are
made right with God, not by what we do but by trust in what God has
already done in and through the life death and resurrection of Christ. It is
through this gift of grace alone that in faith our sins are covered by the
righteousness of Christ, and can be counted among the saints even
though we still are sinners. For this reason our confessions call the Church
the “assembly of the saints.” It is through this free gift we are made holy
and righteous before God. How can there be any other response but
thanksgiving? Thank you Jesus!

In faith we have been given a new life in Christ, reborn as Children of God.
Martin Luther tells us in the catechism that in Holy Baptism, “daily a new
person is to come forth and rise up to live before God.” We are a church of
the resurrection, of renewal, of ongoing RE-FORMATION. May we daily
recall with thanksgiving all God has given us, and as daily we go forth as
the saints of God continually finding new ways to faithfully share the Good
News of Jesus Christ in our part of the world and beyond.

Pastor Bob Zimmerman