Pastor Robert F Zimmerman - Interim Pastor

Dear friends in Christ,

On June fourth and fifth in worship we will celebrate the Day of Pentecost, the
celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples, empowering them
to leave their room and fear behind and boldly proclaim the good news of
Jesus. It is the beginning of the Church as thousands were baptized that day
long ago.

John’s gospel calls the Holy Spirit the Advocate, and the Spirit of truth, In Luke
and elsewhere it is called the power of God. Martin Luther in the Catechism
describes the Spirit as our source of faith, and what “calls, gathers, enlightens
and makes holy the whole Christian Church.”

We tend to think of the spirit as a comforter, a supporter, and encourager. That
“spirit of gentleness” in the above hymn. But the Spirit is also a driver, the
source of incentive and direction. It is also a “spirit of restlessness” that stirs us
from the routine, that sends us into uncharted places, calls us to the unknown.
The Urban Dictionary website defines “restless spirits” as “characters who are
constantly moving. They are the creative ones who rise against social
conventions and stride their rocky path of new horizons.”

After Pentecost Sunday, the Church enters into a season called time “after
Pentecost.” Many tend to call this the season of Pentecost, but it is not- it is
the time after Pentecost. It is a reminder that the coming of the Spirit on
Pentecost has changed and continues to change everything. Red is the color
of Pentecost to represent the fire of the Spirit. This time after the coming of the
Spirit is represented by green, signifying that this is a time of growing things
and new life. It is the time we live in: the time after the spirit has entered into
the church. It is a time to reflect on how we are a Spirit-led people, part of all
that has been made new!

Pastor Bob Zimmerman
Interim Pastor